Our Story

Hi! We are Elizabeth and Alfonso Fajardo, owners of Fajardo’s Family Decor. What began as a hobby in 2019 has turn into a strong passion for creativity and individuality which drove us to start a business that allowed us to capture the uniqueness of our world. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and making sure everyone feels safe and secure in sharing space with us while we navigate this life together. We make soaps and other personal care items as well as offering cloth diapers, reusable household products, and more with our environment in mind. We are dedicated to the planet we live on, and helping it stay just as beautiful for our children and the children everywhere.
I (Elizabeth) am determined and hardworking. I take high pride in being honest and transparent 100% of the time. The time I am not spending at the warehouse, I dedicate to raising our son to be a good human.
Alfonso was born in Colombia and moved to the United States when he was 14 years old. He’s now a math teacher at a local high school. After work and on weekends, he is working with myself at the warehouse or playing with our son outside.
We met in 2019 and instantly fell in love, getting married just two months later. We welcomed our beautiful son Alejandro to the world in February of 2020 and hope to continue to grow our family. We have grown from an Etsy shop to our own website, and from our basement to a warehouse and we are so forever grateful to our loyal customers that helped make it all possible.
Fajardo’s Family Decor is a strong willed, small business with a “not so small” goal to provide handmade products with amazing quality, to people from all backgrounds and all walks of life, at an affordable price. From baby products for your beautiful little miracle to self care products for your beautiful and amazing self. Each item woven and mixed with passion, love and care to meet each and every individual’s needs to absolute satisfaction.
Our core values
Family - Family is everything to us. This company was built on the foundation of our love.
Diversity - We respect and appreciate differences in age, gender, ethnicity, education, abilities, race, and religion
Communication - We are open and transparent every step of the way
Quality -We double and triple check all products to make sure they are up to our high standards.
Honesty and Integrity - We are completely truthful in all areas of our lives, always striving to do what is right over what is easy.
Sustainability and Eco Friendly - We are committed to creating more sustainable and green future for generations to come.
Thank you for supporting our small business and our big dream!
The Fajardo Family