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Cocoa Mug Bath Bomb Scented in Fudge Brownie

Cocoa Mug Bath Bomb Scented in Fudge Brownie

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❤ Enjoy a pampered and fun bath time with Bath Bombs from Fajardo's Family Decor! Our bath bombs are perfect for gifts or a treat to yourself.

❤ Listing is for 1 Bath Bombs. If you are looking for more than open please see other listings in my shop. It will be wrapped with shrink wrap and labeled with scent name.

❤ The Fragrance

Fudge Brownie

Rich, tempting dark chocolate fudge with milk chocolate and walnuts blended in.

❤ How to use it

Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the Bath Bomb and lay back, enjoy and relax! Some Bath Bombs contain flower petals. If you prefer not to have these pieces floating in your tub, wrap the Bath Bomb in a recycled nylon before use. I don't suggest you to hold the bath bomb while it's in action, it might dye your hand for a while.

❤ What's in it
Natural Ingredients include: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Sunflower Oil, Polysorbate 80, Water, Rubbing Alcohol, Fragrance, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide

❤️Made with Love
👍100% Handmade
🌿All natural ingredients
❌Phthalate Free
Made in USA

❤ Making quality bath bombs is my passion, it’s not my job.
I research my ingredients before buying, to make sure you get the best!
I love to share my inspiration with you
Best customer service!
Thank you for visiting! Feel free to ask me anything :)

Fajardo's Family Decor

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